An Investment Banking Firm
Focused on Strategic Sell-side Transactions

At Paramax Corporation, we specialize in providing middle-market clients with strategic sell-side advisory services. Our local offices provide expert solutions to each client’s unique needs whether privately-held or public, domestic or international. Our completion of over 350 US-based strategic transactions with values ranging generally from $5 million to $500 million has earned Paramax a reputation for optimizing outcomes for our clients.

Our strength lies in a team of advisory experts who possess diverse and highly knowledgeable executive-level operating experience. We believe every relationship deserves the time investment of our senior level professionals, from initial discussions through final negotiations, as well as post-closing.

Additionally, Paramax offers valuation services, fairness & solvency opinions, buy-side advisory services, and financing advisory services.  We have transactional expertise in entrepreneurial sell-side, corporate sell-side, management-led buy-outs, strategic add-on and platform buy-side, and value-enhancement consulting and negotiations.

Why Choose Paramax: