What Our Clients Say

I was introduced to Paramax Corporation through my attorney; his recommendation was to have an M&A broker represent our company in the sale process. It was one of the best recommendations I have received during my 40 years in business, leading to a very successful sale of three operating businesses.

Sherwood Bollier
Former President, Niagara Cutter

You guys (and gals) did great work for me, and we wound up with a 20%-25% higher premium price. I was pleased to pay your Success Fee. Thanks to you all for making it a pleasant experience.

Norm Murray
Former CEO, UC Coatings

I had thought about selling my business myself and now after having sold my company, I’m really glad I opted to use a firm. Who would run the company while all this work is being done to run a sell-side process? In our case … setting expectations was especially important. Paramax more than paid for their fees by getting us the right deal structure, and ultimately negotiating a more lucrative deal than I would have negotiated on my own. Paramax kept the individual members of our advisory teams coordinated so the deal stayed on track. Their middleman role was crucial.

Rick Muller
Former President, Inergex, Inc.

I didn’t need to be convinced to use professionals for the process, I use them for everything else.  When I came to Paramax for the first time, I was convinced this was the right firm.  They were well equipped to deal with the complex intricacies that had to be handled very specifically; yet others may have not known.   I felt they were able to get the most out of the deal.  There were lots of curve balls in the process and Paramax created a strategy around each one of them with every detail brilliantly thought out.  Critical timing was perfect and that only comes from experience.  Knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.  My advice to others, DO NOT do it yourself, it’s a foolish thing to do.

Steve Zillig
Former Chairman, Jiffy-tite Company