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Paramax Corporation is pleased to announce the sale of Jiffy-tite Co., Inc. to Oetiker Group

Oetiker Group, of Switzerland, acquired Jiffy-Tite Co., Inc., and all related entities on March 1, 2016. Paramax Corporation through its wholly-owned subsidiary Paramax Securities, LLC, served as the exclusive financial advisor to Jiffy-tite on this transaction. The acquisition of Jiffy-tite, a leading manufacturer of fluid connection parts, allows Oetiker, a $300 million Swiss manufacturer of clamps for the auto industry, to gain a stronger foothold in the quick connect market and further strengthens the combined companies position as one of the leading suppliers of connecting technology to the automotive industry.

About Jiffy-tite Co., Inc.

Jiffy-tite Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of market leading, highly engineered fluid connection parts and assemblies primarily used in the automotive industry. The Company pioneered quick connectors for fluid transfer applications that include transmission oil cooling, engine oil cooling, and engine glycol cooling. Using this core technology, the Company has subsequently developed connections for further applications such as thermal management systems, turbocharger systems, electric vehicle high current systems and all-wheel drive systems. Today, Jiffy-tite’s products are used on over 23 automobile brands all over the world. The Company is headquartered in Lancaster, NY, has a second production facility in Batavia, NY and sales offices in Novi, Ml and Frankfurt, Germany, and generates approximately $90 million in annual sales with a workforce of approximately 300 employees.

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